it is difficult to find a consistent style in the works of martin zeigner. the drawings are minimalistic and characterized by few lines while his paintings are mainly characterized by full color. currently, a development towards more reduced shapes and colors can be detected. his works on raw canvas and paper revolve around failure and overstrain in an ever faster developing world. the progressive decay of his place of residence has an influence on his works, leading to the reduction of graphic elements.

martin zeigner lives and work in zeitz

lindenow @ yacht club leutzsch. leipzig (ger)
open arts posa 2nd edition. kloster posa (ger)
junge kunst monitor by junge kunst wolfsburg e.v. wolfsburg (ger)
9. triennale sachsen-anhalt süd. merseburg (ger)
kunst in freiberg. online exhibition. 

open arts post. kloster posa (ger) (jp) online art plattform
support your artists. online art plattform

rundgang19. zeitz (ger)
offene ateliers
wähle kunst. open space zeitz (ger)

graphic days. leipzig (ger)

rundgang18. zeitz (ger)